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MpLDAP - My personal LDAP

Thank you for visiting the MpLDAP website. It ist web-home of the SourceForge.net project MpLDAP! The MpLDAP started in November 2003.

What is MpLDAP?

MpLDAP (aka "My personal LDAP ") is a query tool for searching LDAP v3 servers. Especially you can use it in your intranet to browse the ADS (Active Directory Server). With MpLDAP you can offer your users a substantially better directory lookup than Exchange and Outlook have with their address book search.

MpLDAP It is highliy configurarable with configuration INI-files (i.e. base dn, filters and attributes to be retrieved) and supports multiple settings. MpLDAP supports multiple languages as user language (implemented are german, english and french).

Upon the users choice the result is sent to the browser

  • as HTML or
  • as CSV-file for export

Key facts:

  • Programming language: PHP
  • OS: OS-independent (hopefully all OS that PHP is running on)
  • Data access: any LDAP server (v3 compatible).
  • CSS: almost all layout handling is configurated via css files (no formatting within php)
  • Configuration: all configuration is done within seperate configuration INI-files (e.g. mpldap.ini.php).
  • Only for querying LDAP servers, no administrating

Why should you use MpLDAP?

  • Intranet Addressbook lookup (Exchange/ADS)
    Many companies use MS Exchange based on ADS and MS Outlook as a frontend. Outlook provides an addressbook lookup - but the search possibilities are very poor . If you have an PHP based intranet you should offer MpLDAP. Depending on how your ADS is designed and structured you may have your users look for the closest color printer in their building
  • Internet Email directory
    There are some public LDAP servers in the internet. To be honest I'm still looking for some useful. If you know a public LDAP server please mail.
  • Intranet Email directory
    Especially research or goverment organisations often have LDAP servers in their intranet that all members (you?) can use for search email addresses.

Site structure

Feel free to navigate through this website (the navigation is made with NavDaF):

  • Download
    The download section is located on SourceForge.net.
  • Demo
    You will find a MpLDAP working in demonstration mode. LDAP queries don't work on Sourceforge.
  • Documentation
    Installation procedure(s), changelog / history, release notes, to do's... Also included in the download package
  • Screenshots
    There are some screenshots for you to get a better impression of how mpldap displays the results of a LDAP query.


  • You will need a webserver running PHP 4.2 (or later).
  • The PHP extension "ldap" must be activated.
    (i.e. in Windows uncomment the following in your php.ini:
  • Access to a LDAP v3 compatible server.
  • No, you don't need a database like MySQL.

It is not required but it is strongly suggested that you have the PHP extension "iconv" enabled. Otherwise you will get some strange characters displayed in the result of the ldap servers (i.e. for umlauts).


MpLDAP is distributed under the terms of the GNU Public License.

MpLDAP is hosted on SourceForge.net Logo