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Change Log

Change type:

  • added:
    something new was implemented
  • changed:
    the behavior of NavDaF changed
  • fixed:
    something didn't work and so the bug(s) had to be fixed
  • cosmetic:
    nothing severe was wrong but for convenience the code was changed or
    just the look and feel was changed, nothing to worry about
  • docu:
    something was done in the documentation
type description
1.4.3 - Added new features
added Extensions
Functions of MpLDAP now may be extended. When a function is extension enabled you may modify the result of that function before it is returned.
added Export
New option in resource definition files (RDF) to hide the export option.
added Result display
New option in resource definition files (RDF) for hiding the servername when displaying the result count.
1.4.2 - Added new usability features
added Clear filters
There is a new hyperlink behind the bin icon beside the filter header: Clicking on clears / deletes all filter criteria that were entered or preset by session data. So you may start entering your filter criteria from scratch.
added Context help
Several regions in the form now have a context oriented help. When moving the mouse cursor over that regions (i.e. "filter", "setting", clear button for filter, export) you get a short description of that region. Unless this is a hyperlink the mouse cursor will change to the help cursor.
added Rows in the result list have different background colors depending on if it is an odd or an even count row.
1.4.1 - Bugfixing and minor enhancements
fixed When the ADS attribute "accountexpires" was retieved then an old no longer existing function was called. This resulted in an error so MpLDAP quit.
fixed When running under Apache2 the output was sent before starting the session. This produces messages form PHP. Under Apache 1.x this problem just didn't pop up.
fixed The open new window javascript now assumes there is also a taskbar that needs some screen place.

New settings in "mpldap.ini.php" for the open window javascript:

  • winnew_parameter
  • winnew_height
  • winnew_width

Insert these settings when updating and using an own mpldap.ini.php

1.4.0 - As this is the first public available and stable release the changelog will start from now on.