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MpLDAP (aka "My personal LDAP ") is a query tool for searching LDAP v3 servers. Especially you can use it in your intranet to browse the ADS (Active Directory Server). With MpLDAP you can offer your users a substantially better directory lookup than Exchange and Outlook have with their address book search.

MpLDAP It is highliy configurarable with configuration INI-files (i.e. base dn, filters and attributes to be retrieved) and supports multiple settings. MpLDAP supports multiple languages as user language (implemented are german, english and french).

Upon the users choice the result is sent to the browser as HTML or as CSV-file for export.

You will find all neccessary information in this folder you need to install an configure MpLDAP on your website.

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What is required

  1. A Webserver running PHP
  2. The PHP extension "ldap" must be enabled.
  3. If you have a firewall:
    Configure it to let your webserver connect to the internet on the appropriate LDAP ports (usually 389)
  4. and - of course - you need mpldap

It is not required but you are strongly encouraged to enable the PHP extension "iconv". Otherwise you may get some strange characters displayed in the result of the ldap servers (i.e. for umlauts). The extension "iconv" is used to convert the UTF encoded characters that the LDAP servers send to ISO encoded characters.


MpLDAP is distributed under the terms of the GNU Public License (internet).

Content of this documentation

Read the document

If you downloaded the package "MpLDAP-add" (i.e. the file "") you will also have API / phpDocumentation.


You will find news and additional information on MpLDAP and the MpLDAP project on the MpLDAP homepage (internet) at (internet).

If you have questions feel free to drop an email at . You may write in english or in german.

Frank Hamm
author of MpLDAP and NavDaF