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MpLDAP comes in several packages:

  • MpLDAP
    This package is available only for stable releases (they have even release numbers). It contains
    • the application
    • the end user documentation
  • MpLDAP-add
    This package is based on the "MpLDAP" package and therefore contains the same files and directories. Additionally it contains
    • the programmers documentation
      If you would like to include MpLDAP within one of your PHP page you will need this. The programmers documention is made with phpDocumentor (internet).
  • MpLDAP-devel
    This package is available for development releases that might be unstable.

For information about what package contains what directories and files read directories and files.

Installation steps

  1. Try MpLDAP instantly on your website:
    1. Be sure you have PHP installed on your website and the module LDAP enabled!
    2. Copy or move the complete content of the folder mpldap-x.x.x (include all subfolders and files) to a directory somewhere below your webservers document root. So you may like to copy it to "C:/Programme/Apache Group/Apache/htdocs/mpldap".
    3. Open the file index.php in that directory with your browser (NOT in the file system but with ""in the address bar!)
    4. Be sure you are connected to the web and online
    5. Press the button submit
    6. This should already work so you may enter restrictions in the filter fields or select a context (actually this selects a Base DN)
  2. Read the configuration documentation
  3. Now edit the existing resource files within the mpldap/resources directory or create your own by copying and adapting an existing one.
  4. You now may drop the MpLDAP class directory ("mpldap-x.x.x/mpldap") somewhere in your include path (and rename the directory to something meaningfull like "mpldap"). MpLDAP will try to find it's files like "require_once ('mpldap/mpldap.php');"

Good luck!