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version priority topic description
1.6 high Documentation Further document the configuration of MpLDAP Resource Definition Files.
1.6 high Sorting the result New dropdown box for selecting the attribute that the result is sorted by.

1.6 / 1.8

medium Help pages Language dependent help pages with detailed help about using MpLDAP as a user.
1.8 medium Documentation German documentation
1.8 medium Business card Each result row will have a hyperlink that copies all attributes from left to right to the clipboard.
2.x low Sorting the result Table headers with hyperlinks behind the attribute so clicking the attribute name will sort the result by that attribute. Concatinated attributes will not have a sort option.
2.x low Details page

For each returned LDAP entry you will have the possibility to open a detail page with much more attributes. Attributes will be grouped by tabs (i.e. general, address)