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All MpLDAP packages do have subsequent versions as time passes by and developers may find something interesting or some bugs to implement.

All packages follow this versionning rule:

{package name}-{version}.{release}[.{subrelease}]

Subsequently files naming will follow this schema:

{package name}-{version}.{release}[.{subrelease}].{extension}


  • package name
    Because of possible irritations when using case sensitive operation systems package names used in filenames are all lowercase.
  • version
    Version number: changes when the developer assumes his work will dramatically change the world
  • release
    Release number: changes when some new features are implemented and / or the programming interface changes (i.e. return types, parameters)
    All stable packages have an even release number!
    All development packages have an odd release number!
  • subrelease
    Subrelease number: changes when friends, enemies or the developer himself found one or more bugs and he tries to fix them. Sometimes he he just tried to beautify the code. The subrelease number is optional.
  • extension
    All packages will only be offered for download in certain archive formats. The file will have a file extenstion according to it's archive file format. Normally this will be ZIP.
This is the first MpLDAP package release as ZIP file.

This is the name for the first all stable and full-functioned MpLDAP release. The file name for the zip file of this release is ""
Obviously the developer shouldn't have released the 2.4 release of MpLDAP. Or when fixing the one and only bug in release 2.4.0 he invented a whole bunch of new ones.

This could be the first development package after the stable version 3.4.